Understanding Lios Mór
Michael McDonagh, a contract archaeologist from the Environment and Heritage Service, Belfast, visited the ringfort at Lismore in the late 1970s.  After an examination of the site, he concluded that the ringfort was an early Christian farmstead settlement dating between A.D. 900 and 1200.  Although all traces of buildings and original palisade fencing are long gone, almost all of the original surrounding defensive ditch is still visible.  The original causewayed entrance into the fort is also visible, as are the large boulders upon which the causeway entrance was supported.  Mr. McDonagh explained that if the Lismore site were to be cleared, excavators would find shards of bone, pottery, and other archaeological artifacts evidencing early medieval occupation of this ringfort.  Also of interest might be the low-lying, semi-circular wall foundations, now covered in grass and trees, which may represent much later livestock enclosures.

6” Historic Map of the Lismore ringfort (highlighted), Ordnance Survey of Ireland, 1834